[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] PBI module for LibreOffice - with some glitch

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Thu Feb 24 14:16:46 PST 2011

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>   I'm not really sure why its not looking a bit more integrated, it could
> be the port is slightly different, or that part of the source is
> different as well. Anyway, I'm going to commit your module, and set the
> same make options we use on OO:
> WITH_KDE4=yes
> We'll give that a run through, and see what happens :)
> - --
> Kris Moore
>  PC-BSD Software

I am now suspecting that the KDE4 integration in LibreOffice is buggy at the
moment, as the interface looks to me more like KDE3 - especially the toolbar
for LO Writer.

I will also see how LO on FreeBSD looks like after pkg_add or make install
if package is not available... but that also means another 22 hours of build
without interrupting my lappy...  :(   *SIGH*

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