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Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Sun Feb 20 04:33:08 PST 2011

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On 02/19/2011 10:49, Jesse Smith wrote:
> Jesse,
> I already looked through the PBI request forum earlier and moved a
> number of the posts to the finished PBI's forum . Take a look and see
> if
> I missed any though.
> ~Ken Moore
> ------------------------
> Ken,
> Yes, I think you cleared out most of them. I only found two old requests
> that have since been fully completed. Thanks for the house keeping!
> I did notice though that there are a handful PBIs that have built on the
> PBI server which haven't appeared on PBIdir.com. Perhaps there were
> install problems during testing, or maybe it's just backlog?
> The XnView PBI, for example, built successfully, but a search for it
> doesn't turn up results on pbidir.com. The stellarium PBI is another.
> The Darwin Streaming Server, MongoDB, rosegarden and arista also seem to
> be limbo.
> If there aren't any problems with these modules, I'd like to get them
> migrated onto the PBI server and mark the forum threads requesting them
> as complete. On the other hand, if there are problems with the modules,
> I'd like to help get them fixed.
> Thanks,
> Jesse
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As you noticed, there are a number of PBI's that built successfully, but 
are not on pbidir. The reason for this is that the PBI is broken at the 
moment, either from needing the PBI to be fixed in some respect, or the 
port itself has broken something with the latest version.
For example:

XnView has a problem with the fonts within the program, and crashes as 
soon as you mouse over any menu option in the GUI.

Rosegarden worked when the pbi was originally tested, but it was 
upgraded to a new version before I could get it on pbidir, and the new 
version was missing all the fonts and graphics for the GUI.

On the other hand, Stellarium crashes as soon as it starts without 
giving any error or warning at all. This one is still being looked into, 
but without any information from the program as to why it is crashing, 
this one is more difficult to troubleshoot.

These are just a couple examples out of the PBI's you mentioned, and it 
is a good way to point out that simply because a PBI builds successfully 
on the server does not necessarily mean that it is in good working 
order. For most of them, we are making modifications to the PBI modules 
to try and correct what problems we can, but this is a time-intensive 
process because each time we make a change it takes ~2-3 days before 
that module is done rebuilding in order to be tested again because of 
the number of PBI's that we now have on the build servers.

So long story short, we are still working on making changes to those 
PBI's that have built successfully, but are not listed on PBIDIR yet.

Thanks for checking though!


I appreciate you bringing me up to speed on what's going on. Thank you.


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