[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Files in OpenOffice module

Sam Lin semin2006 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 03:36:28 PST 2011

I am looking into the pbi module for OpenOffice and would like to know what
some of the files/statements are for (some of these are not stated in
PBIbuilder guide wiki).

1. In "copy-files" there are a few lines:

/usr/local/openoffice* ./
/usr/local/openoffice*/program/*.bin bin/
/usr/local/bin/classpath bin/

What exactly are this lines copying into bin/ (or what are these lines for)?

2. In file "dirstatus" there is only an entry says "Active". What is this
file for?

3. In directory "overlay-dir" there is a PBI.SetupScript.sh in which some
symlinks are created. What are these symlinks for? Are these symlinks
necessary? What could happen if I comment these symlinks out?

4. Can I assign a .svg image file instead of .png file for the PROGICON in
pbi.conf? Would .svg adversely slow down the system (especially on a real)
at some stage e.g. when showing application list in kickoff etc as .svg is a
vector image format?

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