[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] pbibuild without portsnap - is it possible?

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Thu Feb 17 17:11:59 PST 2011


The PBI Creator does create a PBI from pre-compiled binary files. So,
yes, you are correct that PBI Creator does not insure a clean build
environment in the way PBI Builder does. I find PBI Creator is really
useful if you just want to make a PBI package one time for your own use.


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Jesse -
If I understand PBI Creator correctly, this program creates a PBI by the
PBI developer manually compiling an application's source code and then
asign or edit pre/post-scripts? This sounds to me that, although PBI can
be created, it actually does not help a developer manage/organise those
module files for that PBI, and that in the long run the developer still
need to use PBI Builder to figure out whether or not the module to be
uploaded to autobuild server will work properly? That's why I thought I
would better stick with PBI Builder.

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        Do you have to use the pbibuilder program to make this PBI?
        There is
        also a PBI creator program that can assemble PBI packages from
        rather than starting from source. If you want to try PBIcreator,
        you could download the required source code (at whatever
        location you
        want), build the port you want with make at home, and then run
        PBIcreator on it.
        It won't give you the same clean-room build that pbibuilder
        does, but it
        will give you a PBI package.
        - Jesse

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