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Mon Feb 14 09:03:42 PST 2011

On 02/14/2011 09:05, Kris Moore wrote:
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> On 02/13/2011 03:11, Sam Lin wrote:
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>>      On 01/15/2011 20:48, Sam Lin wrote:
>>      >  Hi -
>>      >
>>      >  Some suggestions regarding improving pbiDIR (both pbidir.com
>>      <http://pbidir.com>  and
>>      >  Software Browser, and perhaps the Kickoff Application Launcher too).
>>      >
>>      >  1. It would be helpful for users to use additional keywords to search
>>      >  the pbi database as some ports (hence their PBIs) are quite hard to
>>      >  find solely with its name. For instance, if I need math/R and enter
>>      >  "R" on pbidir.com<http://pbidir.com>, it will give me a long list
>>      of pbi which contains
>>      >  this character whereas the exact PBI "R" locates in the middle of the
>>      >  fifth page. If I try the same search in Software Browser, the Browser
>>      >  also gives me a long list with everything contains the character "r"
>>      >  but then clicking on the next page will give me a message "No PBI
>>      >  found for your search criteria" which then switch back to its homepage
>>      >  within a second or two. Like this, it's sometimes almost impossible to
>>      >  dig out the buried PBI unless you know in what category that PBI is
>>      >  located. In our example, it is under "Math" but I wouldn't surprise if
>>      >  others thought it's under "Educational", "Office" or even
>>      >  "Development".
>>      >
>>      >  To make pbidir easier to use, it would be good to allow users search
>>      >  for PBIs with additional options... perhaps something like what
>>      >  freebsd.org/ports<http://freebsd.org/ports>  or freshports provide.
>>      >
>>      >  2. Another thing is that I think the structure of pbidir and that of
>>      >  "Application" in KDE4 need to be re-organised as sometimes it is a bit
>>      >  confusing when a specific PBI is required. Let's take the previously
>>      >  stated R as example again. The statistical package is under the
>>      >  category "math" in the FreeBSD port tree, and under "Mathematics" in
>>      >  pbidir, whereas it was under "Utilities" in PCBSD kickoff Application
>>      >  Launcher (I should have made this PBI installed under
>>      >  "Education/Mathematics" when I first made the module; this is now
>>      >  fixed), but the point is that we need to find a way to sort
>>      >  out the possible inconsistency in the location of an application in
>>      >  FreeBSD port tree/pbidir/Kickoff Launcher. Another confusing example
>>      >  is Emacs - this is listed in "editors", "ipv6" and many other
>>      >  categories in the port tree/freshports, listed in "Office" in pbidir
>>      >  whereas can be found in "System" in the Kickoff Launcher (!?).
>>      >
>>      >  3. I cannot remember which PBI for now but I noticed that in pbidir
>>      >  some PBIs have thumbnails with a very large file size... some of them
>>      >  are even as large as 2~3MB - obviously overwhelming as a thumbnail
>>      >  which is supposed to have been some KB in size. Also some thumbnails
>>      >  are utterly blurry and some others are plain broken (for instance,
>>      >  Opera). These thumbnail images need to be polished when time.
>>      >
>>      >  Regards,
>>      >  Sam
>>      Those are great suggestions. We've already begun starting to fix the
>>      categories to match with the FreeBSD tree, and will have them finished
>>      soon. I'm going to CC a copy over to Fabry, the maintainer of PBIDir to
>>       see what he thinks about improving the search abilities :)
>> How have the issues been going now?
>> Just now I was directly emailed by someone about one of the issues given
>> in the third point, and I think it's about the time to take some action.
>> I am wondering if it's possible to grant me the access to pbiDIR so that
>> I could update/fix those thumbnails/icons/snapshots etc straight away?
>> Sam
> Sam,
> For 9.0 I'm working on a system so that the category / application
> descriptions and such will end up in Pootle for translation, which
> should make it easier for proper i18n in the future.
> As for the icon sizes, is it just the opera one broken, or do you have a
> list of bad icons somewhere? I'm CC'ing Ken on this, he should be able
> to login and replace any bad ones :)
> - -- 
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I am unable to see any icons on pbidir that are broken (I even checked 
opera and it looks fine here). Could you send me a list of the ones that 
you said are broken? Also, I know that there are a couple icons that are 
not the standard 64x64 png, but they are hard to track down unless you 
check each individual pbi, so if you see one of these please send that 
to me as well.

As an aside, I finished changing all the categories over to the freebsd 
ports tree format last week (except for the education category, which is 
just a few programs separate from the games category, which I think I 
will leave for now), so that should help standardize the program locations.

~~ Ken Moore ~~
(ken at pcbsd.org)

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