[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] The little bug in pbid

Andriy Bakay andriy at irbisnet.com
Wed Dec 21 20:07:03 PST 2011

Hi All,

Recently I noticed the PBI Daemon (pbid) does not read 'PBI_INDEXREFRESH' parameter from 'pbi.conf' file. The problem is with 'sed -n' flags:


_ckPBIIR="`sed -n 's/^PBI_INDEXREFRESH: //g' ${PBI_ETCCONF}`"

Should be:

_ckPBIIR="`sed -n 's/^PBI_INDEXREFRESH: //gp' ${PBI_ETCCONF}`"

And one more thing. Is it possible to make 'pbid' to check for index on demand by sending some signal to process etc? It could be very useful if index file was updated in repo and one what to pickup changes on client side immediately.


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