[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] mkpbi.sh does not exist?

Dan Rue drue at therub.org
Tue Aug 9 13:38:58 PDT 2011


I have been working on making a pcbsd 8 pbi of eclipse-3.7
(java/eclipse-devel), and I am *really* close. 

Following the module builders wiki page, I have successfully built
everything in pbisandbox (with some ports tweaks along the way).
However, when I run "3.makepbi.sh java/eclipse-devel", it fails at the
*very* end with "mkpbi.sh not found". 

Now, I have a PBI work directory in /root/ in my pbisandbox with all of
my files in it, but mkpbi.sh appears to not exist anywhere on the
internet, my system, or the pcbsd sources. 

Perhaps I'm using the wrong SVN path. I had to move some files around to
get this far. For the most part I'm using 
svn://svn.pcbsd.org/pbibuild/pbibuilder8 but I copied over some files
from modules and pbi-source directories.

So the bottom line is - where is mkpbi.sh, or, what am I doing


Copying over java/eclipse-devel...
Copying over PBC...
Starting build of pbc file...
Running build.sh...
Creating PkgConfig file...      Done!
Populating libraries... Done!
Calculating the size of the archive...
1863    total
Creating file archive...
Setting up PBI structure ...    cp: /PBC/PBIfiles/PBItext is a directory
(not copied).
cp: /PBC/PBIfiles/PBI: No such file or directory
cp: /PBC/PBIfiles/*.qm: No such file or directory
Creating the PBI file ...       ./createpbi.sh: /PBC/PBIfiles/mkpbi.sh:
not found
Removing Workdir...
SUCCESS! PBI Creation finished for java/eclipse-devel
ls: /pbi-build/pbisandbox/root/*.pbi: No such file or directory
mv: rename /pbi-build/pbisandbox/root/*.pbi to
/pbi-build/outgoing/java/eclipse-devel/*.pbi: No such file or directory

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