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Our PBIs (via PBIdir or Software Manager) are organized differently
than Ports (/usr/ports or on FreshPorts site). Each has its own sets of
categories that don't necessarily overlap. I am not sure exactly how to
synchronize the two, since each exists for its own purpose and derivitive
(PC-BSD vs FreeBSD) and level of expertise/background.. However, with a move
toward greater PBI-Port integration or inter-communication (in v9.0) it
seems to be something that should get resolved. Also, the Gramma factor
ought to be taken into consideration since PC-BSD is still meant to be an
easier to use variant and the simpler PBIdir organization may be best.

Some ideas how the disparity could be rectified:

   - In the PBIdir or via Software Manager, indicate the location in the
   port tree where applicable.
   - Add categories/locations from the ports tree to PBIdir even though a
   PBI may not populate it.
   - Fully convert to the ports tree system of organization- unfortunately
   this substantially reduces the ease-of-use/Gramma factor.
   - Force FreeBSD ports structure to conform to the PBIdir categories. (not
   likely; not a serious suggestion)
   - Add an additional ports tab to the System Manager and indicate the port
   tree location on the PBIdir site.

There could be a preference to toggle something of an expert mode that would
add the complexities of the ports tree. I believe the categories and
possibly future sub-categories setup with Software Manager or PBIdir is the
direction that things ought to go from an ease-of-use standpoint. I leave it
to all of you to hash out the details and methods to tackle this.

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