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On 09/16/2010 13:58, Jesse Smith wrote:
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> On 10-09-16 1:19 PM, Jesse Smith wrote:
>> I'm not sure of the legal status of the data files. A quick search of
>> the Ports collection didn't turn up any data file ports. So maybe it's a
>> grey area?
>> I am in favour of having the build.sh script perform a wget on the data
>> file archive and then use the setup script to install the files to their
>> proper place.
>> Will take a look at this when I get a few minutes...
>> - Jesse
>> It is my understanding that the original graphics are used as a test 
>> that you bought the game at some point. Or, in this case, the game on 
>> which the open version is based. The author agreed to let people rewrite 
>> an open source version of his commercial game. You are supposed to have 
>> some of the original purchased files to play the free version.
> This could be, though if they're testing to see if a user has purchased
> a copy of the game, why would they offer data file downloads on their
> site? They have copies of the data files here
> (http://www.openttd.org/en/download-stable) 
> I can't find anywhere on the OpenTTD site where it says users should
> have purchased copies of the original game to play.
> - Jesse

According to this page:


You can use the original data files, which requires owning a copy of
TTD. However, it also says there are free versions of the data files.
OpenGFX, OpenSFX, OpenMSX.

If you want to setup the module to grab those files automatically, then
I think that's a win-win for us. (Probably want to use 'fetch') since
wget may not be installed inside the chroot environment.

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