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Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Tue Sep 7 08:01:44 PDT 2010

In my mind one of the big factors is time. As I pointed out originally,
it can take a long time to get a port accepted. Sometimes (in my case,
because I'm new) with a few revisions. Right now there are over 250 open
port change-requests waiting for attention. I sympathize with the Ports
team, but that's a long list of stuff queued up.

PC-BSD is a smaller project which I think is in a position to be...
lighter on its feet as far as accepting and using desktop software.

I think it would be great if PC-BSD could have its own small repository
of ports which would, hopefully, make their way into the big FreeBSD
Ports collection at a later date.

- Jesse

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On 09/06/2010 11:28, Jesse Smith wrote:
> I'm curious if there is a way to get the PBI Builder system to pull
> ports from sources other than the official FreeBSD Ports collection?
> The reason this comes to mind, and why I'm interested in pulling ports
> from other locations, is nicely highlighted by the current on-going wait
> for the Chromium web browser. There is a port for Chromium, and it
> appears to work, but we've been waiting on it for nearly two months
> because it's not in the official Ports collection.
> I think it would be a good to be able to pull unofficial ports from
> other locations. Either an official PC-BSD specific ports collection, or
> from any given URL.
> It's not just Chromium, I've submitted a handful of ports and it's
> generally six to eight weeks before the new port is accepted, or
> rejected. I realize ideally the PBI Builder should pull from FreeBSD's
> ports collection. However, as a developer, I'm trying to target PC-BSD
> and FreeBSD is sort of a hurdle I have to pass through to get there.
> (Don't get me wrong, I like FreeBSD, but it's not always the platform
> I'm targeting.)
> What I'd like to be able to do is set a flag in the PBI module which
> says "Pull this port from ALTURL=someotherlocation.com/newport.shar".
> That way I can get a fresh port for use in the PC-BSD community
> instead of waiting for the new software to be accepted into the official
> Ports.
> Comments?
> Jesse

Well, I don't have any "official" way to pull in a non-standard port as
of yet, but it may be possible to simulate this with preportmake.sh,
although it won't solve the problem of the port not getting updated
automatically with the off-site port gets changed.

I'll have to investigate this for the PBI stuff in 9.x, maybe there is a
way we can accommodate this? At the very least we could make a
"ports-supplemental" directory in SVN, which contains additional port
files to include during the build process. However, this begs the
question, if a port is ready to go into there, why can't we just throw
it into the FreeBSD ports tree? In the case of chromium, its a legal
issue, but for others I'm not sure what would hinder bringing them in.

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