[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Making PBI modules

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Thu Sep 2 08:31:01 PDT 2010

I've been working on a small C program which can help put together PBI
modules. It's still a bit crude, but it automates much of the process.
Generally I can run this program and then just check over the kmenu,
icon and pbi.conf files to make sure they look OK.

A copy of the program source is attached here if anyone would like to
make sure of it. To compile, run

tar zxf pbimaker-0.4.tar.gz
cd PBIMaker

To use the program to build a PBI module run

(login as root)
./pbimaker /usr/ports/category/port-name

The program builds the port, tries to find key pieces of information and
builds a module in the current directory. For example

./pbimaker /usr/ports/audio/minitunes
Will create a directory called "minitunes" in the current directory with
the module files.

Running ./pbimaker without any parameters shows a list of available

Any feedback or patches are welcome.


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