[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] New module: htop

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Fri Oct 8 05:55:49 PDT 2010

On 10/06/2010 12:15, Jesse Smith wrote:
> Please find attached a copy of my module for htop. This process/system
> monitor was requested on the forums in this thread:
> http://forums.pcbsd.org/showthread.php?p=83744#post83744
> The only unusual thing about this module is that it's a console app, so
> the desktop icon, launch feedback, etc have been disabled.
> Jesse
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I have just uploaded the htop module to the server, so I will test it 
out once it build and see how it works.

One last note about command-line apps: Be sure to set the "ExeRunShell" 
option to zero.
That option (sometimes) lets a desktop icon open up a command prompt. It 
is hit or miss though, so we try to avoid using it whenever possible.

Thanks for the module Jesse!

~Ken Moore

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