[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] PBI module for math/R (with a polished icon)

ken at pcbsd.org ken at pcbsd.org
Mon Nov 29 08:21:10 PST 2010


	I just changed the icon for R based upon the module you sent in. 

	In the future, if there is an icon that you would like changed, it
might be easier to simply send the .jpg rather than the whole module


	~Ken Moore

On Sun 28/11/10  1:09 PM , Sam Lin  wrote:Hi PBIian,
 Please find attached the PBI module for math/R. Actually this one is
 identical to the module for math/R I submitted before except for its
 Appicon - I realised that the icon included in the previous module
 looks terrible when the background is dark in colour. The polished
 icon in this version should look much better now.
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