[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Two new modules

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Mon Jun 28 10:33:03 PDT 2010


I think I made the mistake of putting the /bin/bash command at the top
of all the pbi.conf files. Sorry, it's a side effect of my Linux
experience. (I know, I know, "boooo!") I'll make sure it's /bin/sh from
now on.


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On 06/25/2010 15:07, Jesse Smith wrote:
> Please find attached two tarballs containing PBI modules. PGPin is an
> encryption tool for files and e-mails. Wipe is a program for
> over-writing and removing files. Both of these modules are on the PBI
> Request wiki page.
> I've tested both of these modules on my local PBI build system and they
> installed/ran without any problems.
> Question: Is it a good idea to include the program's main executable in
> the module (as I have here in the bin directory) or should it be
> excluded as it will probably be over-written by the build process? I'm
> thinking the latter, but I noticed when manually building PBIs it seemed
> to be required. Not sure if the same applies to the automated process.
> - Jesse

I've added the pgpin module now, with some corrections:


First, the pbi.conf file had a #!/bin/bash at the top, needs to be #!/bin/sh

Next, copy-files doesn't need to have anything in it right now. All the 
files of the target port are automatically copied into the PBI, so you 
also don't need to copy the binary file into overlay-dir/bin.

Lastly in the kmenu-dir/pgpin file, set these options when its a 
command-line app only:

ExeNoDesktop: 1
ExeNoMenu: 1
ExeNoCrashHandler: 1

That'll disable creating any desktop / menu GUI icons, and turn off the 
crash handling program which cli apps don't need. The necessary wrapper 
scripts will still get created though.

The rest looks good though!

PS. Working on the security/wipe module now, will add it soon.

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