[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Automating PBI module creation?

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Mon Jun 21 09:32:20 PDT 2010

Has anyone looked at the possibility of automating PBI module creation?
>From what I've seen thus far, and I admit I've only tried putting
together a few modules, it looks like a lot of the process could be

>From my limited experience, it seems that making a module basically
consists of making a port, figuring out which files it installs on the
system and then editing three or four files.

I think a small program could probably do something like

cd to a port directory
run make install
Check to see if any errors occurred thus far
See which files have been installed
Create a simple module template with pbi.conf, copy-files and kmenu
entries updated.
Bundle the new module into a tarball.

The only snag I see in the whole process is some ports ask the user for
config options during the "make" process. But not all do. (Is there a
"make" option to take config defaults and skip the user interaction?)

Does anyone else think this is a viable approach to building large
numbers of PBIs from ports? If so I'd like to take a stab at creating
such a program/script. I think it could free up developer time in the
long run.

- Jesse

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