[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Two ports in one PBI

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Tue Jul 27 12:44:03 PDT 2010

Hello PBIers,

I have a question about setting up a PBI module. I have two ports, one supplies a program. The second port supplies the data files required by the program. The data files change very rarely.

To my mind, this means there should be two PBIs. One PBI for the program and another which would contain the data files. The catch is, the program replies on the data files to run properly. (So one PBI would have to depend on the other, which sort of flies in the face of PBI philosophy, but I digress.)

My question is: should I combine both ports into one PBI file? Or should I keep them separate? If I keep the data and executable in separate PBIs, can I set a flag to make sure installing the program PBI causes the data PBI to be installed also?

It looks like the module variable OTHERPBI is designed for this purpose, but I think it forces both ports into one PBI.(?)

Would appreciate some suggestions on the proper way to handle this situation. Thanks.

- Jesse

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