[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Evolution

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Tue Jul 13 12:15:08 PDT 2010


I'd mentioned the Evolution module not building. I think this is also a
"dbus" problem. I looked at the build log for Evolution and it errors
out while building dbus because it can't find "-lSM".

Which would explain why that package isn't showing up, but some others
I've submitted in the past have built and aren't appearing in
pbidir.com. Such as "wipe" and "testdisk". Maybe they're just not being
pulled/pushed over to the server?


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On 06/29/2010 10:45, Jesse Smith wrote:
> Please find attached my PBI module for Gnome Commander 2. It's one of the modules from the PBI request wiki.
> I think I've learned a few things going into this one, so the pbi.conf file uses /bin/sh instead of bash, there is no copy-files entry and everything seems to build properly on my system.
> Please let me know if you find any problems with the module.
> Jesse


Just to follow up on this, I have been playing with it, however 
gnome-commander makes extensive use of "dbus" services, which don't play 
nicely with the PBI format at the moment. The good news is that the PBI 
enhancements for 9.0 will allow this to run, so I'll hold on to this 
module and put it into our 9.x tree soon :)

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