[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Gimp 2.6.11 PBI has icon and png issues? Please try and test in your environment

Sam Lin semin2006 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 25 21:41:59 PST 2010

Dear PCBSD fellows,

It appears that there are a couple problems with GIMP 2.6.11 PBI
(PCBSD 8.x i386). I was about to report another pcbsd issue and was
managing to make some snapshots and make the image files smaller with
Gimp, and noticed that...

1. when trying to open .png image files Gimp seems to be able to open
it but also pops up an error message saying that "Image type 'png' is
not supported" (see attachment). Attempting to save edited images as
.png by assigning the file extension from the pull-down list as .png
also gives the same message and it then saves the image as .xcf
instead, which in fact is Gimp's native file format. If assign a new
file name deliberately with the file extension rather than just type a
file name and then assign file extension from the full-down list, it
then works as normal. So, for instance,

- if name the image file as "pcbsd" and then assign the file extension
as .png from its pull-down list -> error message shows up and
automatically saved as .xcf instead
- if name the image file directly as "pcbsd.png" -> it is saved as .png

2. somehow quite a few icons are broken (see attachment). You should
easily notice that there are quite a few question marks/icons in its
toolbox or menu lists. These icons are still functioning but no doubt
this odd interface would give any users a (bad) surprise.

Both of the issues have never happened before, but I recall that Gimp
PBI was recently updated from 2.6.10 to 2.6.11, so I tried to roll
back to 2.6.10 and then everything was fine again. Update the Gimp PBI
to 2.6.11 again and the two issues are back again. So I am confident
to say it is not pcbsd but is the Gimp 2.6.11's problem.

What I am not quite sure yet is where these glitches are from. Some
possibilities are:

1. on PCBSD's side - I noticed that the file size of Gimp 2.6.11 PBI
was slightly smaller than that of 2.6.10. Could there be something
missing in 2.6.11?
2. on FreeBSD port's side - could these bugs have been introduced when
2.6.11 was ported/updated in FreeBSD port tree?
3. on Gimp's side - could these bugs having been existed in this
version's Gimp's source code? (had a quick glance at their bug tracker
but didn't find anything yet. Might need to check more carefully)

If any of you could try the current version of Gimp on your system and
report back the result so as to gather more info that would be
helpful. If we are sure that nothing is wrong with the pbi/module for
this version's Gimp then I will have to report its port maintainer or
even Gimp's developers and track down the issues.

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