[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Unused files

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Thu Aug 26 07:26:19 PDT 2010

I have to admit I had this query at first too. I wasn't sure which files
were used, which ones might be place holders and which were not
required. It's learning experience :)

So far as I know the only files you really need at the pbi.conf file,
the program icon and (in most cases) an entry under the kmenu folder.


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Hi Ken,

I left all those files in the template as are because I have no clue
what files are unused by the pbi-builder.


> Sam,
> The gnumeric module has been added to svn. It should be built here in
> the next few days, and then I will test and approve if it all checks out.
> For future reference:
>     1: Remove all unused files
>     2: The icon name in pbi.conf was incorrect
> Other than that, it looked good.
> Thank you for the module!
> ~ Ken Moore
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