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Sam Lin semin2006 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 15:46:44 PDT 2010

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your reply. I did make a tar ball for math/R; I was just
wondering what is the appropriate process to go thru from here, as
according to Dru's book (FYI, Chapter 14, page 342) I am supposed to
get credentials first before I can upload the archive to the ftp
server. Attached is the tarball for math/R anyway.

Thank you.


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> Hi Sam,
> As I recall you made and tested a module for math/R. That is, a PBI
> which ties into the FreeBSD Ports tree. If that's correct, you can make
> a tarball of the module and attach it here. Kris tells me that they
> don't need the actual PBI file, nor any of the binaries, just the module
> you placed in the PBI builder.
> Hope that helps,
> Jesse
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