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Thu May 21 05:16:38 PDT 2009

A few weeks ago I emailed this list with a suggestion for making a PBI of Xsane, the scanner interface and utility that also has a Gimp plug-in so you can scan directly into Gimp.

I incorrectly stated the symlink necessary to get Xsane to work as a plug-in.

It's actually: ln -s /usr/local/bin/xsane ~/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins/
This must be executed as user not root.

Also, the Xsane package is not compiled with Gimp support (it was before I think) so it must be built from ports.  I emailed the port maintainer and recommended he rebuild the package with Gimp support, as it's a very long compile with a gazillion dependencies (and
 quite a few option screens) many of which seem to make little sense,
 like ffmpeg, for example,
 it's some audio stuff with codecs, for a scanning utility? It even installs FF2 for Pete's sake. The build ran all night and stopped with an error finally - couldn't find some library - clearly something wrong with that port.  I may have selected a non-default option absent mindedly in one of the options screens that got it off on a tangent, but it was trying to build Gnome at one point.

I updated the how-to accordingly.

I noticed also, looking at the PBI installed files for PG Calc, a whole pile of files clearly not related to PG Calc.  How does this happen?  Is it accidental or incidental?  Not crazy about clogging up my machine with unwanted and uneeded stuff.


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