[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] About PBI builder

Alexander Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Wed Mar 18 08:29:06 PST 2009

Hello all!
I'm playing currently with PBI Builder.
I'm thinking that current way of creating pbisandbox is waste of time.
So, I created a small script instead a lot of copy, tar, mount_nullfs 
etc found in 2.1.
I commented lines in 2.1.startmake script which corrresponds for making 
new blank pbisandbox, and other line, which mount_nullfs distfiles.
Instead of that, I'm used my script.

here content of my script:


rm -fr pbisandboxtop srctop portstop
mkdir  pbisandboxtop srctop portstop

mount_nullfs buildworld pbisandbox
mount_unionfs pbisandboxtop pbisandbox
mkdir pbisandbox/usr/ports
mount_nullfs /usr/src pbisandbox/usr/src
mount_nullfs /usr/ports pbisandbox/usr/ports
mount_unionfs srctop pbisandbox/usr/src
mount_unionfs portstop pbisandbox/usr/ports
mkdir pbisandbox/usr/ports/distfiles
mount_nullfs distfiles pbisandbox/usr/ports/distfiles

That's for preparing :)
And second for unmounting all:


umount -f /usr/home/user/pbi-build/pbisandbox/usr/ports/distfiles
umount -f /usr/home/user/pbi-build/pbisandbox/usr/src
umount -f /usr/home/user/pbi-build/pbisandbox/usr/ports
umount -f /usr/ports
umount -f /usr/src
umount -f /usr/home/user/pbi-build/pbisandbox
umount -f /usr/home/user/pbi-build/pbisandbox

After running mount script, I have perfect layout in few seconds in 
pbisandbox. that's cool. but after my try to make PBI, all fails, 
filesystems /usr/ports and /usr/src are broken and not pointing to 
correct places.
That's so not cool :(
Maybe someone could somehow help with this issue?
Or at least help to make bug report to freebsd guys :)

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