[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Bacula Bat changes

Silver Salonen silver.salonen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 23:35:55 PST 2009

On Tuesday 20 January 2009 19:22:55 Kris Moore wrote:
> Silver Salonen wrote:
> >>
> >> We're in the process of moving all PBI related install files out of 
> >> /usr/local if possible, and instead into /Programs/
> >>
> >> This is being done ahead of PC-BSD 7.1, in which /usr/local will ship 
> >> empty, and the user will be able to install their own ports tree without 
> >> it conflicting with PC-BSD related ports / PBIs. (The PC-BSD install 
> >> will be done in /PCBSD/local now)
> >>
> >> In the case of your man pages, since /Programs/bin is in the users PATH 
> >> variable, then you should be able to just do a mkdir /Programs/man (if 
> >> it doesn't exist, it will on 7.1 by default), and install any man pages 
> >> into there. This will keep things nice and tidy for the user :)
> > 
> > Thanks for clearing that up.
> > What about pixmaps and sample config (ie. etc/)? Will there be folders for 
> > these too? If so, we could change BaculaBat to install/link things in new 
> > places, couldn't we?
> Any other directories / files, that a binary like bacula-bat may need, 
> can be kept in the programs directory. It doesn't really need to leave 
> there, since its compiled with LOCALBASE=/Programs/BaculaBat<Ver>
> In other words, if you just include etc/ or share/pixmaps within it, the 
> binary should know to "look" in that directory for its supplemental files.

Yes, but I'm not speaking about binaries needed by Bat, but rather other files 
(pixmaps and sample config) needed by user. And to assume that a user should 
keep track on file locations based on what programs may be (automatically) 
upgraded, is a bit unfriendly towards user. So these files should be somewhere 
not dependent on program's version.


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