[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Bacula Bat changes

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Jan 20 07:46:17 PST 2009

Silver Salonen wrote:
> On Monday 19 January 2009 22:30:37 Kris Moore wrote:
>> Silver Salonen wrote:
>>> On Monday 19 January 2009 21:52:47 Kris Moore wrote:
>>>> Great! Glad to hear it. let me know if you run across other PBI's which 
>>>> have this issue. Also, did you see I made some mods to bacula-bat PBI? 
>>>> It includes the kmdr-executor binary now, so you don't need to ask the 
>>>> user to install it.
>>> Oh, no, I didn't know that. But it sounds just great! To my mind including 
>>> kmdr-executor was so much trouble that I had lost all hope to do it. I'll 
>>> check SVN and test it then :)
>> Great! I've got a new version of the PBI builder which the changes 
>> require, you can grab it here:
>> ftp://ftp.pcbsd.org/pub/pbi-builder/pbibuild-x86-pcbsd7-2.0.tbz
>> You'll need to install it first, before re-building the module as it 
>> sits in SVN.
>> Basically, what it changes, is that ports are compiled with a custom 
>> LOCALBASE set to /Programs/<PBIName> + <PBI Ver>
>> This means you can include binaries / libs which may have caused compat 
>> problems with the desktop previously, such as kmdr-executor, since it 
>> will look in /Programs/<dir> for its internal data files now.
>> This pbi builder is pretty stable, I plan on releasing it in the next 
>> week or so, just still putting it through the paces internally here :)
> Hello.
> I thought I'd create a separate thread for that ;)
> A few questions about your changes not concerning including kmdr-executor.
> 1) PBI.SetupScript.sh and PBI.RemoveScript.sh - I see you deleted parts which 
> I used to put man, conf and pixmaps under /usr/local. The question is why.. My 
> point in doing that was that locations of these files remain the same (ie. get 
> updated too) when PBI is updated. Ie. I've put BaculaBat on my desktop, but 
> when PBI is upgraded, location of pixmaps is changed, so I have to go and grab 
> the icon from new location.
> Also, currently I can't see "man bat", because manual page is not installed - 
> wasn't this a requirement for PBIs? Even if it's not a requirement, why not to 
> do it?

We're in the process of moving all PBI related install files out of 
/usr/local if possible, and instead into /Programs/

This is being done ahead of PC-BSD 7.1, in which /usr/local will ship 
empty, and the user will be able to install their own ports tree without 
it conflicting with PC-BSD related ports / PBIs. (The PC-BSD install 
will be done in /PCBSD/local now)

In the case of your man pages, since /Programs/bin is in the users PATH 
variable, then you should be able to just do a mkdir /Programs/man (if 
it doesn't exist, it will on 7.1 by default), and install any man pages 
into there. This will keep things nice and tidy for the user :)

> 2) copy-files - you changed: /usr/local/sbin/bat -> "/usr/local/sbin/b* bin/" 
> and "/usr/local/sbin/*bacula* bin/". I guess you wanted to make PBI more 
> universal by that (in case anything is changed in Bacula Bat package or smth), 
> but point is that my scripts used for launching Bat are dependent on "bat" 
> binary anyway, so there has to be some intervention in case binary change 
> anyway. So.. is this really needed?

This may have not been needed, I was just trying to ensure that all bat 
/ bacula files got copied over, but you can feel free to modify those as 
you see fit to clean them up further :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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