[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] qBittorrent v1.3.1 PBI Posting

Adam Hopstetter ahopstetter at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 18:30:48 PST 2009

Kris Moore wrote:
> Adam Hopstetter wrote:
>> Ion-Mihai Tetcu wrote:
>>> On Mon, 02 Feb 2009 14:45:29 -0500
>>> Adam Hopstetter <ahopstetter at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>        Now as far as the ports go .... I'm in full agreement!
>>>> However, I have not been able to successfully get in touch with the
>>>> port maintainers. There are two ports in question
>>>> net-p2p/rblibtorrent/ and net-p2p/qbittorrent/. Unfortunately I'm
>>>> starting to feel as if they really aren't being maintained .... it's
>>>> been over 9 months since the last update for these 2 ports. (While
>>>> the developers have  been updating the source constantly throughout
>>>> 2008).
>>> Please fill a PR with the update in question; if the maintainers don't
>>> respond in a timely manner it will be committed via maintainer timeout.
>>> Please drop linimon at freebsd.org an email describing your efforts to
>>> contact the maintainers, update the port, etc. He's the one from
>>> portmngr@ that handles this king of issues.
>>> Thank you,
>> All,
>>        Been doing research on this issue as it relates to the 
>> qbittorrent and rblibtorrent ports and have encountered a few 
>> potential hangups.
>>        First of all, please forgive me for being a "newbie" at 
>> interacting with the FreeBSD/PC-BSD dev groups (not a newbie at c/c++ 
>> ;)   )... I've simply never have participated till now. That said, 
>> I've taken much from our beloved FreeBSD open-OS and now want to give 
>> back and absolutely love what PC-BSD is aimed at accomplishing.
>>        Now ... all that said ... the last thing I want to do is waste 
>> anyones time (especially yours) ... so please, would everyone bear 
>> with a probably too-long message here and give me insight as to how I 
>> should proceed!
>>        First to address Ion-Mihai ... I received your mail regarding 
>> submiting an e-mail to linimon at freebsd.org. Appreciate it!
>>        However, sorry "newbie" here  ... PR = "Patch Request" ??? If 
>> So (or whatever you mean) ... is there some official document I can 
>> obtain or format I'm to follow???
>>        Further, apparently, my old e-mail provider was having issues 
>> when I attempted to contact the port maintainers previously (found 
>> this out by other known contacts not receiving my e-mails .... now 
>> I'm solid on GMAIL ... that said ... I'm copying the port maintainers 
>> on this e-mail ... and for their benefit  this e-mail regards 
>> upgrading the net-p2p/qbittorrent port to the latest v1.3.1 release).
>>        Now to the business of the ports themselves ... after 
>> researching ... there appear to be 3 ports that rely on 
>> net-p2p/rblibtorrent ... net-p2p/hrktorrent, net-p2p/sharktorrent and 
>> net-p2p/qbittorrent. Apparrently if we upgrade rblibtorrent to 
>> version 0.14.1 (required for the new qbittorrent 1.3.1) it will 
>> definately break sharktorrent and possibly break hrktorrent (at least 
>> in my testing).
>>        -- sharktorrent -- Definately breaks with 
>> '/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: sharktorrent: Undefined symbol 
>> "_ZN10libtorrent7sessionC1ERKNS_11fingerprintE"'
>>        -- hrktorrent - Appears to function properly (but appearances 
>> are deceiving) ... but during the make process for core.cpp ... it 
>> complains with the following messages ...
>>              core.cpp: In member function 'int CCore::Run()':
>>             core.cpp:246: warning: '__comp_ctor ' is deprecated 
>> (declared at /usr/local/include/libtorrent/torrent_info.hpp:132)
>>             core.cpp:253: warning: 'add_torrent' is deprecated 
>> (declared at /usr/local/include/libtorrent/session.hpp:202)
>>                    But again, ... seems to function probably ... in 
>> my testing of it's "finite features".
>>          -- qbittorrent (of course works flawlessly) :)
>>          Now, worthy of noting .... sharktorrent has extremely 
>> outdated source ... still at ... and hasn't been worked 
>> on since July 2007. Even worse the interface it provides is WEAK (in 
>> my humble opinion). Is such old beta??? source code worth maintaining 
>> ???
>>           hrktorrent (a console based torrent client) is being 
>> actively updated however and deserves attention as many MAY seek to 
>> wrap web-based (or other) interfaces around it for any number of 
>> centralized torrent server apps. Which (of course) qbittorrent 
>> already has a nice web-based centralized torrent server built-in. But 
>> is Nice thought anyway!
>>           Finally, I've noticed ... that there is a 
>> net-p2p/rblibtorrent-devel/ port, which is a slightly higher version 
>> than rblibtorrent-0.13 currently in the ports.
>>           Now to my question ... Would it be possible to upgrade 
>> rblibtorrent-devel to version 0.14.1 and making qbittorrent rely 
>> depend on this ??? (thus not breaking hrktorrent or sharktorrent!!!). 
>> Problems I can foresee there (of course) is that if one were to 
>> attempt to install hrktorrent/sharktorrent and qbittorrent ... they 
>> would most certainly experience library/linking issues! (or port 
>> build issues). But this would make the qbittorrent port upgradable.
>>           So I'm almost certain these are the reasons the ports have 
>> not been updated as of yet ... even though I've yet to speak with the 
>> maintainers. Unfortunately though ... it seems that qbittorrent is 
>> the only active open-sourced project fully leveraging the updates to 
>> rblibtorrent (and in FreeBSD is suffering at the expense of shark/hrk).
>>           Lastly ... and thanks for hanging in there with me All ... 
>> one of the advantages of the PC-BSD PBI installation structure is 
>> that conflicting libraries can be installed in a isolated fashion (an 
>> isolated program container/bucket if you will) which eliminate 
>> run-time library/linking issues ... but of course not building ones.
>>           So (now that the background/research has been stated) ...  
>> the directed questions/comments ...
>>                 Kris ... if I'm unable to get these ports updated ... 
>> are there exceptions in the pcbsd pbi-dev for situations like these???
> Adam,
> Our prefered method of PBI building is to "piggyback" off the ports 
> tree, so that when the associated port gets updated, the PBI will be 
> rebuilt automatically as well for both 32bit / 64bit.
> That being said, if there is some reason that wont work, like a PBI 
> for a program not in ports, or the port isn't being maintained, we can 
> make an exception and approve the 3rd party PBI manually. Its just 
> more a pain for you in the long run, since you'll need to update the 
> PBI manually, as opposed to our server doing all the grunt-work from 
> the port for you.

    Hi & thanks for the reply ... suppose we will wait a little bit to 
hear from the port maintainers and/or ion-mihia regarding this issue.

    Off topic ... but ... in the mean time would there by any ports I 
could get my feet wet with pbibuilder ? ... was thinking of possibly the 
net/vnc. Is a GUI program with a simplistic port and is a suitable 
alternative to the built-in KDE Remote Desktop Client (and quite 
possibly some users may be searching  for "vnc" on pbidir, unaware of 
KDE-RDC). Please let me know what ya think (or if I should re-post in 
pbidir ... new thread).

Thanks again!


Adam Hopstetter

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