[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] qBittorrent v1.3.1 PBI Posting

Adam Hopstetter ahopstetter at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 20:36:19 PST 2009

Ion-Mihai Tetcu wrote:
> On Mon, 02 Feb 2009 14:45:29 -0500
> Adam Hopstetter <ahopstetter at gmail.com> wrote:
>>        Now as far as the ports go .... I'm in full agreement!
>> However, I have not been able to successfully get in touch with the
>> port maintainers. There are two ports in question
>> net-p2p/rblibtorrent/ and net-p2p/qbittorrent/. Unfortunately I'm
>> starting to feel as if they really aren't being maintained .... it's
>> been over 9 months since the last update for these 2 ports. (While
>> the developers have  been updating the source constantly throughout
>> 2008).
> Please fill a PR with the update in question; if the maintainers don't
> respond in a timely manner it will be committed via maintainer timeout.
> Please drop linimon at freebsd.org an email describing your efforts to
> contact the maintainers, update the port, etc. He's the one from
> portmngr@ that handles this king of issues.
> Thank you,

       Been doing research on this issue as it relates to the 
qbittorrent and rblibtorrent ports and have encountered a few potential 

       First of all, please forgive me for being a "newbie" at 
interacting with the FreeBSD/PC-BSD dev groups (not a newbie at c/c++ 
;)   )... I've simply never have participated till now. That said, I've 
taken much from our beloved FreeBSD open-OS and now want to give back 
and absolutely love what PC-BSD is aimed at accomplishing.

       Now ... all that said ... the last thing I want to do is waste 
anyones time (especially yours) ... so please, would everyone bear with 
a probably too-long message here and give me insight as to how I should 

       First to address Ion-Mihai ... I received your mail regarding 
submiting an e-mail to linimon at freebsd.org. Appreciate it!
       However, sorry "newbie" here  ... PR = "Patch Request" ??? If So 
(or whatever you mean) ... is there some official document I can obtain 
or format I'm to follow???
       Further, apparently, my old e-mail provider was having issues 
when I attempted to contact the port maintainers previously (found this 
out by other known contacts not receiving my e-mails .... now I'm solid 
on GMAIL ... that said ... I'm copying the port maintainers on this 
e-mail ... and for their benefit  this e-mail regards upgrading the 
net-p2p/qbittorrent port to the latest v1.3.1 release).

       Now to the business of the ports themselves ... after researching 
... there appear to be 3 ports that rely on net-p2p/rblibtorrent ... 
net-p2p/hrktorrent, net-p2p/sharktorrent and net-p2p/qbittorrent. 
Apparrently if we upgrade rblibtorrent to version 0.14.1 (required for 
the new qbittorrent 1.3.1) it will definately break sharktorrent and 
possibly break hrktorrent (at least in my testing).

       -- sharktorrent -- Definately breaks with '/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: 
sharktorrent: Undefined symbol 

       -- hrktorrent - Appears to function properly (but appearances are 
deceiving) ... but during the make process for core.cpp ... it complains 
with the following messages ...
             core.cpp: In member function 'int CCore::Run()':
            core.cpp:246: warning: '__comp_ctor ' is deprecated 
(declared at /usr/local/include/libtorrent/torrent_info.hpp:132)
            core.cpp:253: warning: 'add_torrent' is deprecated (declared 
at /usr/local/include/libtorrent/session.hpp:202)
             But again, ... seems to function probably ... in my testing 
of it's "finite features".

         -- qbittorrent (of course works flawlessly) :)

         Now, worthy of noting .... sharktorrent has extremely outdated 
source ... still at ... and hasn't been worked on since 
July 2007. Even worse the interface it provides is WEAK (in my humble 
opinion). Is such old beta??? source code worth maintaining ???

          hrktorrent (a console based torrent client) is being actively 
updated however and deserves attention as many MAY seek to wrap 
web-based (or other) interfaces around it for any number of centralized 
torrent server apps. Which (of course) qbittorrent already has a nice 
web-based centralized torrent server built-in. But is Nice thought anyway!

          Finally, I've noticed ... that there is a 
net-p2p/rblibtorrent-devel/ port, which is a slightly higher version 
than rblibtorrent-0.13 currently in the ports.

          Now to my question ... Would it be possible to upgrade 
rblibtorrent-devel to version 0.14.1 and making qbittorrent rely depend 
on this ??? (thus not breaking hrktorrent or sharktorrent!!!). Problems 
I can foresee there (of course) is that if one were to attempt to 
install hrktorrent/sharktorrent and qbittorrent ... they would most 
certainly experience library/linking issues! (or port build issues). But 
this would make the qbittorrent port upgradable.

          So I'm almost certain these are the reasons the ports have not 
been updated as of yet ... even though I've yet to speak with the 
maintainers. Unfortunately though ... it seems that qbittorrent is the 
only active open-sourced project fully leveraging the updates to 
rblibtorrent (and in FreeBSD is suffering at the expense of shark/hrk).

          Lastly ... and thanks for hanging in there with me All ... one 
of the advantages of the PC-BSD PBI installation structure is that 
conflicting libraries can be installed in a isolated fashion (an 
isolated program container/bucket if you will) which eliminate run-time 
library/linking issues ... but of course not building ones.

          So (now that the background/research has been stated) ...  the 
directed questions/comments ...

                Kris ... if I'm unable to get these ports updated ... 
are there exceptions in the pcbsd pbi-dev for situations like these???

                Ion-Mihai ... if this will suffice for a "PR" ... I 
shall send ... if not ... please advise!

                And to ... Johan/alepulver ... am sorry if this 
blind-sides you (b/c you did not receive my previous e-mails) ... and 
would appreciate your insights/suggestions as well ... being that your 
the maintainers!

                I would like (once and if released) to get this PBI 
posted on the http://www.qbittorrent.org/ site with the other (linux 
ughhh*) packages! I think this would be a another great free way to 
advertise the FreeBSD/PC-BSD community and it's commitment to staying 
just as current as Linux on Open-Sourced Qt-Apps. Anyhow ... 'nite all 
... look forward to your responses.


Adam Hopstetter

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