[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] qBittorrent v1.3.1 PBI Posting

Adam Hopstetter ahopstetter at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 11:45:29 PST 2009

Kris Moore wrote:
> Adam Hopstetter wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a fully functional (latest version - v1.3.1) PBI install 
>> package for
>> /usr/port/net-p2p/qbittorrent/ (qBittorrent).
>> Currently the up-to-date ports tree only has v1.0.0. I am trying to 
>> get in
>> touch with the port maintainers for /usr/ports/net-p2p/libtorrent and
>> /usr/ports/net-p2p/qbittorrent to inform them of working configure and
>> Makefile patches I have that will enable them to bring the ports up 
>> to date.
>> Till such time, I would like to get this PBI out there to the 
>> community ...
>> (as in my opinion ... this is a better TorrentClient than the 
>> alternatives)!
>> Please let me know how I can contribute this work to pbiDir.
>> abomb :)
>> ahopstetter at gmail.com
> Adam,
> We'll have to take a look at the PBI, to ensure it's working properly 
> for the system. Whats the URL to download and test this PBI? Also, 
> what version did you make it for? If we can get the FreeBSD port 
> updated with the latest, that would be the prefered way to go, because 
> we can make a module for qBitTorrent then, so it updates the PBI for 
> all versions automatically.
> -- 
> Kris Moore

       The PBI I'm posting has the following Devel Specs:
             Built on PC-BSD 7.0.2 Fibo
             Using PBi-Creator V5.0

       Of course creating a PC-BSD 1.x platform PBI should be light work.

        Download URL: 

       BTW (This is off-topic), I installed the PBI-Creator V5.0 ... and 
ever since SystemUpdater keeps informing me of a V4.91 update!
       Thought you should know (or should I post another topic???)

       Now as far as the ports go .... I'm in full agreement! However, I 
have not been able to successfully get in touch with the port 
maintainers. There are two ports in question net-p2p/rblibtorrent/ and 
net-p2p/qbittorrent/. Unfortunately I'm starting to feel as if they 
really aren't being maintained .... it's been over 9 months since the 
last update for these 2 ports. (While the developers have  been updating 
the source constantly throughout 2008).

       Anyhow, I will keep you posted on my progress there. In the mean 
time I would appreciate you looking at what I've done thus far and 
providing your input as to how I may best contribute to pbiDir ... Is 
there a wish list of ports desired to go PBI for which resources do not 
currently exist ??? ... I would love to utilize pbibuilder on an actual 
up-to-date port :)


 Adam Hopstetter

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