[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] ThinClientServer pbi

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Thu Apr 23 07:44:52 PDT 2009

Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 09:16:55AM -0400, Kris Moore wrote:
>> Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
>>> i tried this out (ThinClientServer 0.9-PV0), but didn't have very good luck
>>> with it. first with a PC-BSD 7.1-beta, and then with 7.1.
>>> on a dell latitude laptop (866MHz), X simply failed to configure- it would
>>> start up, i'd see the grey thatched X background, but no X cursor, and a black
>>> line at the top of the screen. i think it has an intel i810 video chipset.
>>> on a thin client (model linked below), X failed to recognize the USB keyboard
>>> and USB mouse, although the graphics came up fine.  
>>> http://www.disklessworkstations.com/cgi-bin/web/200104.html?id=hqRToh7q
>>> both the laptop and thin client worked fine without any configuration with
>>> ThinClientServer 0.8-PV0.
> ...snip...
>> The version of Xorg on 0.9 is Xorg 7.4, which does have some issues with  
>> keyboard / mouse detection. However you should be able to fix it by  
>> messing with / adding these options via the manual xorg setup.
>> Section "ServerFlags"
>>         Option "AutoAddDevices" "False"
>>         Option "AllowEmptyInput" "Off"
>> EndSection
>> We've had to add those flags to our default X config for PC-BSD 7.1, and  
>> I may need to add them to the default PXE client as well.
>> On your intel video card, does switching between intel / vesa drivers  
>> make a difference?
>> Also, I'm going to add these flags to ThinClientServer xorg here, and  
>> rebuild it as 0.9.1, and we'll see if that helps fix these issues.
> with ThinClientServer 0.9.1 the laptop with the intel video (i810) gets a
> graphical display, though built-in keyboard and mouse fail to work. before X
> comes up, i actually see the console mouse cursor, so it's recognized at some
> level. just not once X starts.
> using the X configuration options, with "Use failsafe VESA mode" it gets a
> black screen, and eventually fails to start. with "Run X auto-detection" it
> just sits at the console indefinitely.  if i select "Run X auto-detection" and
> then edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf to include the ServerFlags options mentioned above
> and remove all references to Screen1, everything works (graphics, mouse and 
> keyboard).
> with "Run xorgconfig for manual setup" it gives an error:
>   xorgconfig: not found
>   Copied Xorg config.
>   [Press Enter to Continue]
> the thin client from disklessworkstations works with "Use failsafe VESA mode",
> fails with "Run X auto-detection", but works when adding in the ServerFlags
> settings.
> and on a related note, saving X configuration files doesn't actually work, as
> /mnt/xorg-config is a dead symlink to /usr/local/etc/pxeboot/xorg-config on the
> thin client.  i'm guessing keeping them outside of /home/pxeboot was intended
> to prevent configurations from getting removed upon upgrading ThinClientServer?
> live well,
>   vagrant


If you or any others would like to test the ThinClient, it is now ready :)



I've been through it, and tested it pretty well here, fixed a lot of 
bugs, etc. It's working great on my systems, but please let me know if 
you or anybody finds any bugs in this version. If not, we'll get it 
approved and added to pbidir.com here soon.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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