[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Japanese input method PBI for PC-BSD 7.1

yerenkow at uct.ua yerenkow at uct.ua
Sun Apr 12 02:01:16 PDT 2009

Gonzalo, or someone who could make from this information PBI
buildable on our buildserver, is this info enough?

I'd like to have UIM as PBI included in distribution in next release,
to get Asia peoples attention.


Yamashiro, Jun wrote:
> Hello Alexander,
> I made Japanese input method package for PC-BSD 7.1(UIM + Anthy):
> http://forums.pcbsd.org/viewtopic.php?p=79977#p79977
> ...And update build script for 7.1.  I wish it will help for you.
> http://www.ofug.net/~yamajun/files/pbi/tools/
> Hou to use build script:
> [root at pcbsd]/root(1)# runports
> # pushd /usr/ports/japanese/uim-anthy
> # make  WITH_EXTRA_PATCHES=yes BATCH=yes make install 
> (Build and install depending tools and libraries to /usr/local)
> # pkg_delete -r uim-anthy-1.5.5
> # popd
> # ./makepackage.sh
> regards,

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