[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] 1.5 Edison x86 version of digiKam desparatly needed

Tim McCormick tim at pcbsd.org
Sat May 24 02:25:41 PDT 2008

On Friday 23 May 2008 19:58:15 Robert Henry wrote:
> When I run the digiKam PBI the gears turn for a while but nothing happens.
> I didn't try the 1.4.1 PBI on my 1.5 installation. Will that work?
> Someone in the forums pointed out the 1.5 version was 64 bit.
> I didn't realize the X64 meant it was 64 bit CPU. How could I have known
> that?
> This is a bummer because my system was working just fine. I wouldn't have
> upgraded had I known I needed an X86 PBI for digiKam.

You do indeed need to be running the 64-bit PC-BSD to run a PBI marked 'x64'. 
x64 is common notation for 64-bit, but maybe we need to look at the way we're 
labelling things there.

The version of PC-BSD in the list of available PBIs is the *minimum* version 
of PC-BSD you need to be running for the PBI to work. The 1.4.1 version will 
work just fine on 1.5. :)

Tim McCormick
PC-BSD Lead Developer
tim at pcbsd.org
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