[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] proposal

A.Y. yerenkow at uct.ua
Thu Mar 27 09:31:20 PST 2008

Hello guys;
After installing patch 1.5 my all ports-installed software rendered 
So, I think about this situation, and have suggestion:

We make a little softy; which do simple things like that:

for i in `ls /var/db/pkg`;  do
echo `cat /var/db/pkg/$i/+CONTENTS | grep '@comment ORIGIN'`;

but instead of echo - it sends output to server; we collect usage count 
of each port from many users, and have knowledge of manually (or not) 
installed ports.

and then have clear view, which ports and in what order need to have pbi.
I'd rather go to pbidir and installed all what I need instead of using 
ports tree. Except for really rare and useful only for me ports :)
And in future major updates I'll not lose all my installed things :)

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