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Mon Aug 11 07:53:33 PDT 2008

I always wanted to write some music in PC-BSD that I could submit as a sort of "user tribute" - but it HAD to be made in PC-BSD, and supplied as a "PBI" studio with all source material for users to mangle; but music software and PC-BSD don't work... right?!?!?!


I had almost given up : )

I know, I know - it's a commercial app ...... but the free demo version still plays it :) And $49 euros <= night on the vino ......... 

The tune was something I mouse clicked into the sequencer no time so it's NOT my grand plan "theme" - just a test demo to see if it was possible to get a sequencer and VST plugins NOT to crash on PC-BSD (jeez Louise ... it doesn't even have the vocoder singing yet ...; ) Let's just pretend I'm not running it in wine :) Works better than the official Linux version does .......

WOOT! The audio link in the forum prolly only works in windows so try this one .... http://www.users.on.net/~mpollock/demo.mp3

The screen shot at http://www.esnips.com/web/PCBSD-Spaz-Out/ is actual, and the audio was written in real time with all that crap open! ... IN VMWARE!!1!!11!!11!!!1!!. Now let's hope FreeBSD's updated USB mutimedia stuff might even let me plug an USB keyboard in and bypass /dev/sequencer/wasteland ...... Not even trying it in Fibonacci yet.

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