[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] New PBI to test

Simone Cuttlefish simonecuttlefish at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 5 00:23:54 PDT 2008

OK - Ignore that - I found a free hoster (euch)

Posting download address at forums now - sorry about that.

From: Simone Cuttlefish 
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Subject: [PC-BSD Pbi-dev] New PBI to test

Hi - I've made a Custom compiled version of the timidity++ package for PC-BSD. This allows midi playback from GUI or terminal (no midi device required)

  1.. PBI installer 
  2.. Does NOT need /dev/sequencer to function - plays directly as wave out so will work on any supported soundcard regardless of midi functionality in PC-BSD (YAYYY!) 
  3.. Does NOT interfere with ports/packages version (100% dual install compatible - renamed executable "PCBSD-timidity") 
  4.. Konsole based ncurses interface AND GTK GUI 
  5.. Custom documentation including command line reference 
  6.. Instructions for KDE embedding: double click a midi file and it opens (NOT A BROWSER PLUG-IN THOUGH!) 
  7.. It's own configured sample/patch set (eawpats) 
  8.. DEMO icons for instant testing/joy

My service provider is tight and I don't have an upload spot (big enough) for testing.
Can I put it somewhere for testing/appraisal?

Thanks - I've been absent from PC-BSD for a long time now

Steve Blevin


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