[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] problem also in OpenArena

Ferid Cafer kaunteya at mynet.com
Thu Apr 10 12:17:38 PDT 2008

Dear Kris,

MD5 is the same. Again I tried the program and again I got the
same result. While it is being installed at about 30 percent,
suddenly it becomes 100 percent. And then the application does not
start or work in any way. It just gives error, nothing else. When
I try to remove the program from kmenu, it says "you successfully
uninstalled", but icons are still both in desktop and kmenu. Then
I remove it from add/remove, only after that the icons are gone.
However the folder under Programs
shows that there is still OpenArena remaining. Only by manual
deleting I could erase this folder. By the way, when you click on
the folder (OpenArena, under Programs), the folder is not opened.
I think there is nothing related with my native language option.
No any language option I saw. Moreover, I use PC-BSD in English.
By the way, it was my third trial, and in each time I got the same
strange result.



Can you check the MD5 of the OpenArena PBI you are trying out?
shows up here as "6f919c478526aa2af0c5d620de804b1f" and the
seems to work great, along with the application itself. Are you
doing anything else on the system which may effect this? Did you
customize anything, or are you running in your native language?



Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software
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Gonzalo Martinez - Sanjuan Sanchez wrote:
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> Hello Gonzalo,
> here you are:
> OpenArena 0.7.1_3-PV0
> PC-BSD 1.5 (Fresh install and all updates till 08-03-23)
> [-] Licence agreement exist
> [+] Icon - desktop icon exist
> [+] Icon - kmenu icon exist
> [-] Application start automaticly after Installation
> [-] language detected or it can be setup [de-DE for example]
> [-] removing program folder
> [+] removing desktop and kmenu icons
> [-] removing profile folder (optional)
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> The application completely failed to work. The program were not
> opened in any way.
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> By the way, generally I had problem about starting applications
> from command line. I write "Konqueror" and Konqueror is opened,
> but any other program I try in the same way they don't work from
> the command line. So, would you please tell me what is the way
> start an application from the command line?
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> /* Ferid Cafer */
> El 07/04/2008, a las 19:53, Ferid Cafer escribió:
>> Very similar problem occured also in OpenArena
>> /* Ferid Cafer */
> Ferid, could you try this pbi plz?
> <a
> href="<a
> target="_blank"><a
> Un saludo,
> Gonzalo Martinez - Sanjuan Sanchez.
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/* Ferid Cafer */

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