[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Very nice outstanding PBIs

Charles A. Landemaine charles at pcbsd.org
Thu Mar 8 15:21:54 PST 2007

Although there are some nice native FreeBSD applications available for  
PC-BSD as PBIs (OpenOffice.org, Firefox, Opera...), I'm very happy to see  
some popular applications ported to PC-BSD using WINE: Photoshop,  
Dreamweaver, IE7. How many times I have seen people struggling to have  
these applications to work in Linux forums. On PC-BSD, these can be  
installed in a matter of clicks. If we keep the effort, more and more  
people are going to say "Hey, switch to PC-BSD, at least you will not have  
to bang your head against the wall to install these WINE applications".  
Thanks again and keep the good work!

Charles A. Landemaine.

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