[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] July 3rd Iso report

Renato Flórido renatoflorido at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 16:00:10 PDT 2007



Here are my findings about the July 3rd ISO:



*      The KDE keyboard layout selector in KDE’s Control panel is now
displaying my keyboard correctly but “US” is also displayed in the keyboard
layout section and there is a keyboard layout applet running by default in
the taskbar.  These two issues should be corrected



*      The issue with my sound card (Which began on the 26th June release is
still present.



As x loads:


"Error while initializing sound driver


Device /dev/dsp/ can't be opened (.no such file or directory)


The sound server will continue using the null output device"


During Boot:


“KLD snd.emu10k1.ko: - Depends on Midi – Not available”




*      The GF8800GTX is still not working. 



*      Fat32 partitions are the same as usual. We now know what’s wrong



*      In the installer, under the “User Account” and “root” sections, the
“Password” and “Verify Password” fields are cut off



*      In this version of the installer, the user can’t choose the Hostname
for his machine.



*      The clock is 1 hour ahead of the (correct) time displayed in the Bios






Renato Flórido

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