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Marcel Klinz [PC-BSD.de] m.klinz at pc-bsd.de
Wed Dec 26 11:14:56 PST 2007

Kris Moore schrieb:
> Gon,
> It is a mess. For now I would say go ahead and when you add any new 
> PBI's from the build-server, remove any old versions of that program 
> from PBIDir and the mirrors. If you run across any "broken" PBI's, 
> please remove those as well.
tellico for example. http://pbidir.com/search.php?str=tellico there we 
have three versions and actually the newest one works fine. by gimp we 
have two working versions but only the newest one can handle the 
multilanguage support. should i look more for unnecessary packages?
> Also, what do you guys think about restructuring the mirrors a bit? 
> Maybe instead of placing "Firefox" in PBI/Web/ we make sub-folders for 
> each app, like PBI/Web/Firefox/Firefox2.0.0.8.pbi, then list all 
> versions of FF in the "Firefox" subfolder, which makes it easier to 
> cleanup old versions.
yes subfolders would make the directories more clearly.
> We are working hard on the PBI stuff still. I plan on writing an update 
> to the PBI installer in the next week or so. I want to add a few new 
> features:
>   * Allow user to select install location
>   * Display required disk space for PBI
>   * Internal MD5 check for PBI program data
that sounds great.

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