[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] What PBIsare for testing ready :-)

Marcel Klinz [PC-BSD.de] m.klinz at pc-bsd.de
Thu Dec 20 15:02:19 PST 2007

Kris Moore schrieb:
> The BMPx module PBI does ripping to MP3 / OGG, also there are a few 
> apps able to do this in the base OS, such as Amarok, or KAutioCreator :)
ok, i didn´t search at the base system. only at pbidir.com. in amarok i 
didn´t find this function.  in kaudiocreator you can ripp to mp3. mayxbe 
the mp3 encoder is missing because of licensing. but we can play mp3 at 
sratup, i don´t know. and bmpx is broken.

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