[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] Language Problem

Marcel Klinz [PC-BSD.de] m.klinz at pc-bsd.de
Fri Dec 7 11:10:24 PST 2007

Kris Moore schrieb:
> Thats kinda a weird problem, so even if you keep running the App from 
> the desktop icon, it still reverts to english?
> Running it from Konsole or the command-line makes sense, because it 
> probably isn't finding a certain variable letting it know which lang 
> to use. Not sure what we can do about that, we should focus on the 
> desktop icon usage though, make sure we can keep it working stably 
> there :)
i will keep my third eye on it. at the moment i could not excactly 
figure out this problem.

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