[PC-BSD Pbi-dev] More Holidays

Gonzalo Martinez - Sanjuan Sanchez g.martinez at pcbsd.es
Sat Aug 18 14:31:01 PDT 2007

Hello to @ll!!!

Since this Monday (20-August) to the next one (27-August), I will be out of 
Spain. I will go to Helsinki. And then, since 1-September to 15- September I 
will go to Ibiza.

Perhaps I cant get on time for PC-BSD 1.4 FINAL, and I will not be able to 
help with spanish translations and with the new pbis and the ones that should 
be rebuild from the second CD...

Im worried about those new PBIs that should be approved/developed and all 
those activities I should take care. Please, If theres something important, 
Could someone take care about them meanwhile Im out of service?

See u soon again.

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