[Pbi-bugs] smb4k PBI

Josh Paetzel josh at tcbug.org
Sat Jan 1 07:56:54 PST 2011

The existing PBI for smb4k is an old version that is designed for KDE 3.  It's 
also not based on the last version released for KDE 3.x.  I tried it out, and 
it pretty much falls on it's face.  It can't use KDE4's kwallet, and it bombs 
trying to mount stuff.  It's also pretty ugly due to some missing stuff I 
suppose, or maybe KDE 3 just *was* that ugly, I don't really remember.

The issue is the underlying FreeBSD port.

I'm working on updating the existing FreeBSD port to be the last version of 
smb3k that supports KDE3, and then creating a new port called net/smb4k-kde4 
that contains the latest version that does support KDE 4.

I recommend the existing PBI get yanked, I'll ping when the port is finished 
so we can try out making it into a PBI.


Josh Paetzel
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