[Pbi-bugs] Qt3 bugs?

Jeff dejamuse at yahoo.com
Sat May 9 13:38:24 PDT 2009

I'm getting a number of odd behaviors since I installed some program that needed Qt3 - can't remember what it was I installed.  Might have been a coincidence, but trying to use Qt3 and Qt4 on the same machine is probably a big no-no.

Gimp wouldn't open a jpg and crashed, when right-click starting it from a file in Konqueror as root (but if I started Gimp first I could open that image).  Don't know if it's related, but showFoto won't start, still can't run Runports from the menu, and a number of other weird things that make me want to start over and reinstall, but ohhhh what a pain!  

I have a second machine here that has none of these problems but I have installed only a minimum of extra programs.  It's main task is running a Drupal development server in a jail with AMP.

If there ever was a must-have request for a new feature it would be to build and save an install profile/rebuild script that saved all of your system settings including plug-ins for Firefox, with separate sections and dialog boxes for every single program you added, so that a system rebuild was relatively painless.  I've heavily customized the install, and remembering it all over again wouldn't be easy.  In the past I used to keep a log of what I did, but I've gotten lazy of late - oops.

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