[Installer] Test in VirtualBox

Daniel O'Connor doconnor at gsoft.com.au
Wed Jun 10 07:37:14 PDT 2009

I got the FreeBSD-20090608-1522-8.0-CURRENT.iso build and did a test in 
Virtual Box.

It seems quite good, although the defaults are broken - 128Mb slash is 
not big enough to install in. 256Mb isn't either but 512Mb works.

I haven't tested the network stuff because for some reason I get "em0: 
Invalid MAC address" but I bet that's a -current thing rather than a 
bsd installer thing :)

On bootup I see "eval: cannot create /etc/gettytab: Permission denied" 
appear twice before the timestamp and the first login prompt.

I think the boot0 installer should default to packet mode (unless it is 
smart, I am only testing on a 4Gb disk).

You can call swapoff in FreeBSD, the man page claims it appeared in 5.1.

It would be nice if the partition tool checked the validity of what you 
entered - I adjusted slash to be 512Mb and then bsdlabel complained 
because /usr went off the end of the disk.

Unfortunately I haven't actually been able to full install yet, for some 
reason the virtual disk goes away part way through the install :-/

This work looks very cool, thank you very much!
Hopefully I can look under the hood and start generating patches :)

Daniel O'Connor software and network engineer
for Genesis Software - http://www.gsoft.com.au
"The nice thing about standards is that there
are so many of them to choose from."
  -- Andrew Tanenbaum
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