[PC-BSD Docs] Fw: massive project on wiki: adjust all local links

Curt Dox tigersharke at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 16:08:54 PDT 2013

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Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 06:32:28 -0500
From: Curt Dox <tigersharke at gmail.com>
To: docs-request at lists.pcbsd.org
Cc: Dru Lavigne <dru.lavigne at att.net>
Subject: massive project on wiki: adjust all local links


I adjusted the hier and hierB templates to do this transparently, so
those links in the 'table of contents' do not need to be changed
(except by translators). However, any other instance of a local link
which had been made by [[pagename]] or [[pagename|alttext]] will need
to be changed to use the new 'local' template as described below and
recently added to style guidelines:

 The URL is within the PC-BSD wiki. The template local assists with
 localization of the internal links.

 Use {{local|link=page name}} or {{local|link=page name|alternate text}}

This is mostly a heads-up, since I know there are an uncountable number
of links that would need adjusting.. and like the switch to 'citelink'
it may best be done for new links and along with other page edits as
time permits.

I don't know when I will get to this but it ought to get done.  I think
the 'citelink' changeover took at least a week of steady effort.


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