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Wed Sep 7 04:21:44 PDT 2011


I've just done a few moments worth of looking..

Firefox reports to me, in its 'Page Info'  widget, that we have generator
MediaWiki v1.16.0.  I looked on Freshports.org, to discover that v1.16.0 is
no longer supported upstream and has been deleted
http://www.freshports.org/www/mediawiki16/. Also according to freshports.org,
v1.16.5 is available http://www.freshports.org/www/mediawiki116/, but I
would strongly recommend upgrading to v1.17.0_1 which was last updated on 07
Jul 2011 10:05:13. A much more up-to-date wiki software should help to
alleviate some issues with expected/assumed features working (or working

Of course, it may not be the best timing to update our wiki from MediaWiki
v1.16.0 to v1.17.0_0. PC-BSD v9.0 is in the process of eventual release (in
a month or two) which means that the wiki needs to be stable for the
handbook to get finished and then frozen.

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