[PC-BSD Docs] Corrections to PC-BSD handbook

Terry Phelps tgphelps50 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 31 13:52:12 PST 2008

I just downloaded and installed PC-BSD for the first time. It's a beautiful thing. I am quite experienced with both Windows and Unix in general. I have done a lot of Linux admin work, and have played with FreeBSD occasionally for years, without ever really getting into it.

Since the handbook invited me to send any corrections to you, and since I'd like to contribute something to your effort, I'll do just that. I just read the whole handbook and noted any obvious errors in it. Since I'm very new to PC-BSD, I'll mention mostly things like spelling and grammar errors.

I tried to identify fairly accurately where in the book my suggested corrections go. Anyhow, here are my suggested fixes to the book. I hope you agree that at least most of them are worth inclusion.

And here they are:

Errors I see in the "PC-BSD Guide", that I downloaded
from pcbsd.org on December 28th, 2008. (I hope that
uniquely defines which version I'm referring to.)

I will locate the errors my section, paragraph, and
sentence, so they should be easy to find and fix, if
you agree with my assessment.

Sec 1.2, para 2 sen 1:
Misspelled "distribution".

Sec 1.3, para 1, sen 2:
Misspelled "particularly".

         para 3:
"an excellent", not "a excellent".

	para 4:
"months", not "months'"

Sec 1.4, sen 2:
"your having", not "you having"

Sec 1.5, para 2:
"system", not "systems"
"viruses", not "virusses"

	para 3:
"and removing", not "andremoving"

Sec 1.6.7, title
"386", not "368"

Sec 1.9, item 4:
Misspelled "powerful"

	item 5:
"RAM memory" is redundant
	item 6:
Awkward text. I suggest something like "The IP address
of an attacker is blocked for 20 minutes. It is 
unblocked after that time, in case you yourself are
being blocked."

Sec 1.10, para 1:
"its underlying...", not "it's underlying".

Sec. 2.3:
This and other sections say there are TWO CD's, and only
the first is needed for a minimal install. I needed two
of them for a minimal install, and a third one when I
asked for Firefox.

Sec. 2.3, para 6:
You said "network of internet". Either you meant
"network or internet", or I don't understand this.

Sec 2.4, para 1:
"the integrity", not "theintegrity".
"while", not "whilest". Maybe you're speaking
Britishly, but I think it's spelled "whilst".
Need comma after "While downloading"?

Sec. 2.5.1, subsection "ImgBurn"
Need commas like this: ImgBurn is, with Burnatonce,"?

	Subsection Nero
Note: Not one American in 1,000 knows what "penultimate"
means. Maybe that's no reason to change it.

Sec 2.5.2, para 1:
Misspelled "suited".
"is suited", not "are suitted". The subject of the
sentence is the singular "any".
"burning applications", not "burning application"

Sec 2.7, para 2, sen 3:
"needs", not "need"
Misspelled "partitioned".
Strange phrase "tghe disk has to be sectioned on

	para 4:
"you have installed", not "you install"?

Sec 3.1.2, para 2:
"couple of seconds", not "couple of second".
You said "lines of code" scroll down. It may be 
cryptic, but it's code, I bet.

	para 3:
You said that if it doesn't boot into PC-BSD, press
F8 or F12. Actually, you need to reboot it, and press
F8 or F12 very soon after that.

Awkward phrase "when you get a screen to select
which drive to select your drive of choice to boot...".

	para 4:
Item 3, booting in safe mode: This is a very technical
description for this book, I think. Few readers will
understand, I think.

In item 8, you said "this enable", not "this enables".
Also, it's "zettabyte", not "zetabyte". But the Sun site
says it doesn't even mean that any more.

Sec 3.1.5, para 4:
You said "is that installs all...". I think you mean
"is that the Desktop version installs all...".

Sec 3.1.6, para 1:
You says users can't "edit files" outside their home.
That seems to imply just modifying text files with an
editor, doesn't it? Actually, they can't change or
delete any files outside home.

	para 4:
You said "using a computer as user...". I think you
meant "using a computer as an ordinary user...".

	para 5:
You say a shell is to BSD as MSDOS was to Windows.
I'd say MSDOS was an ancestor to Windows, not a 
command line interface. A shell
is like Windows's "DOS box" or "command.com" or
"cmd.exe" or something.

Sec 3.1.7, para 2:
You said "each ...in front of them". Should be
"each ...in front of it".

	para 5:
Need comma in "If you...layout, mark...".

	para 7:
You said "invisibles by non-BSD...". You meant
"invisible to non-BSD..." ?

	para 9:
You said "turned of or off". I think you mean "turned
on or off".

Sec 3.2:
You said "within it's own...". Should be "its".

Sec 3.2.1, para 4:
You said "this amount of RAM is taking off...".
You mean "taken from", I think.

	para 5:
Misspelled "whether".
In last sentence, change "Window" to "Windows".

Sec 3.2.2, para 2:
I hope meant "assign", and not really "assing".

	para 3:
I think you should say "If you have burned...", not
"When you have burned...".
Also, you say "select your station and put the
CD/DVD in the station". I suppose you're using
"station" to mean "drive". I'm not familiar with
what you're describing here, so I won't get how to
fix the text.

Sec 4.1:
"for the 1st time". Spell out "first" in the section

Sec 4.1.1:
Option 6 says "Run X in VESA mode", not "Run installer
in VESA mode" like you say.

Sec 4.1.3, para 4:
The first word apparently should be "As", and not "s".
Put a comma before "if any".

Sec 4.5, para 3:
You said "search the for a solution". Maybe a word is
missing after "the".

Sec 6:
Need a period (full stop?) after "have stored" and before

Sec 6.1, para 2:
Change "that follow" to "that follows".

Sec 6.1.1:
Last sentence isn't really a sentence: "Install widgets
click the button ...".

Sec 6.1.3, para 2:
You said "you can add any program by clicking on THEM".
But "them" refers to "any program", so change "them" 
to "it".
Also, the description of "recently used" says "shows a
list of the last few". Last few whats?

Sec 6.2, para 1:
You say PC-BSD stores files in one big tree "like most
other forms of BSD". Do some forms of BSD do it
otherwise? Surely not.

	para 4, sen 4:
Sentence starts with "These folder". You meant "These

Sec 6.2.1:
Descr. of /lib -- says "in in".
Descr. of /libexec -- misspelled "miscelaneous"
Descr. of /media -- says "Mount Point'". Remove
capital "P" and the "'".
Descr. of /mnt - "Mount Point" capitalized. Why?

Sec 6.2.2, para 1:
You say "there personal files", not "their".
The first sentence is really 2 of them run together.
Should be "...personal files. A directory ..."

Sec 6.2.3, para 1:
Sentence starts with "A great example of this...".
What does "this" refer to? Apparently, it refers back
to the title of the section. 

	para 7:
You need some punctuation: "...like this, but in order
to modify files on it, you must ...".

Sec 13.1, para is hard to tell here:
You say "The Update Manager contains three tabs. To ..."
You mean "The Update Manager contains three tabs, two ..."

Sec 14.5, sen 3:
You say "has FreeBSD as it's...". You mean "its".

Sec 16.1, para 1:
Misspelled "development".


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