[PC-BSD Docs] Inquiry

Tim McCormick tim at pcbsd.org
Tue Jan 30 12:36:49 PST 2007

Hi Bobby, good to hear from you!

Gerard van Essen is the man in charge of the documentation effort in PC-BSD. 
He should be on this list, but you can contact him directly on 
gerard at pcbsd.org.

Gerard, are you here?



On Tuesday 30 January 2007 19:33, Roberto Soriano wrote:
> Dear All!
> Apologies if this is not the right place to post this inquiry. I'm
> Roberto "Bobby" Soriano from the Philippines. The organization I
> currently work with is in the process of deploying PCBSD in 10 areas
> in Philippines. We have just converted the PCBSD Quick Guide into a
> pdf file and was thinking that maybe some of you may benefit from
> this effort too. Where can we upload this file and if this is all
> together possible? We plan to continue with this effort and update
> the quick guide on a regular basis and maybe create more guides in
> the future. Who do we get in touch with from the PCBSD documentation
> project so we can coordinate our efforts?
> Thanks again.
> Bobby

Tim McCormick
PC-BSD System Developer
tim at pcbsd.org

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