[PC-BSD Docs] New Doc Manager Intro

Fred Gibbs fred at pcbsd.org
Thu Feb 22 17:54:20 PST 2007

Hello All,

With great excitement, I have accepted the Documentation Manager's 
position at PC-BSD. I am sorry to see Gerard leave, but he leaves me 
with a great legacy, yet big shoes to fill. I am glad he remains with 
the community/project and look forward to working with him as we move 
forward. It is with the work he and his group completed that I will use 
as a template in moving forward, and with all of your continued input , 
creative ideas, and support, we can keep providing quality, on-line 
documentation for both veterans and new users of PC-BSD alike.

I have several ideas that I am in the process of formulating and will 
send an email out over the weekend detailing the direction I'd like to 
go in terms of documentation. As a hint, perhaps PDF is an avenue worth 

A bit about me (I'm not vain in the least, so it will be brief - 
promise. ; ^)

I am, (yes, I know : ^(   ) a GNU/Linux refugee. I started with Red Hat 
in 1999 and ended with a few Slackware and Debian boxes last year. I 
eventually switched to FreeBSD and PC-BSD on my primary boxes.

I have quite a bit of technical writing in the biotech and 
pharmaceutical industries as a clinical database manager.  My current 
position has me working as a business analyst in the healthcare software 
development arena. I also teach college-level psychology and English 
classes a few evenings per week on alternating semesters, and spend what 
free time I have with my lovely wife and children. The "remainder" of 
the time is well-spent volunteering my time towards what I feel a 
worthwhile project, PC-BSD.

I am looking forward to working with you all! I feel strongly committed 
to this project and am very excited to hear your thoughts about how we 
can, as a "department", continue the work Gerard and volunteers have 
completed and bring in new ideas and sub-projects from you all: if it 
will enhance what currently exists, I'm all for it! I think this is a 
unique time in the evolution of "free" OSes and look forward to any 
footprint we can leave behind.

I am located in New England (-5:00 GMT), so emails will come and go for 
some time hours without an immediate response. Please know that I am 
on-line first thing every morning and again throughout the day. I will 
respond as soon as possible to any queries you have of me. Again, I look 
forward to working with all of you and want to express my appreciation 
to the PC-BSD Team and extended community for this opportunity.



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