[PC-BSD Docs] Common PC-BSD forum questions

Gerard van Essen gvanessen at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 06:35:56 PST 2007


Some of you hang out more on the forums than I do and probably know better 
what sort of questions are asked all the time.

An example of a regularly returning question is how to access FAT32 
partitions. I noticed that Terry has explained about 3 or 4 times to 
different "newbies" how to do this. Very nice and helpful of Terry, but a 
waste of his time. 

I've now added a "How do I access my FAT32 partition?" Q&A to the FAQ page: 

Can you all do me a favour and email me the questions that you see regularly 
on the pc-bsd forums. I'll put them on a page so we can divide them up 
between those that want to help answering, and get it all added to the FAQ 



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