[PC-BSD Dev] New Technology for PBI

Ryan Bramantya ryanbram at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 01:02:41 PDT 2014

Hi PC-BSD developers,

The current PBI implementation is good for compatibility and ease to
maintain. But the drawback for this implementation is the PBI is less
portable, because it is more resemble to package manager than installer.

When browsing through internet, I found this website
http://portablelinuxapps.org/. The content of this website is very
interesting as the author is trying to make portable version of Linux
applications. Something rare in Linux or Unix world. These applications can
run in almost popular Linux distributions. The technology behind this is
called AppImageKit <http://github.com/probonopd/appimagekit>.

If Linux which has different base system can run this portable application,
I cannot see this not to be implemented in PC-BSD as well, as the new PBI
technology. The advantage of this technology is the generated portable
application has smaller size and better compatibiliy than old PBI (it

Best regards,
Ryan Bram
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